Must-Have Features Of A Website For A Budding Business

Must-Have Features Of A Website For A Budding Business

Must-Have Features Of A Website For A Budding Business _nomad entrepreneur

In this fast pacing world, having an official social and digital presence is a must. Everyone who is interested in your business would search for you online. Therefore, having knowledge about what features your business website should consist of, is advantageous.
Making sure your web designer understands the business you’re selling, is essential. To grasp the concept of creating a good website, we’ve curated a list of must-have features of a website for budding businesses.

Must-Have Features Of A Website For A Budding Business _nomad entrepreneur


A domain name is one of the most basic features of a website. Whichever domain name is available can be picked. A domain name that is too long can cause confusion, therefore it should be precise too.

However, one should keep in mind that their domain name is catchy. If not catchy, it should be in semblance with their business. A complicated domain name is difficult to forward through word of mouth.
So, a domain name should be simple, catchy and easy to remember.


To ensure that people take your business seriously, a logo is essential. A unique logo design with a proper meaning can leave a mark on people.

Make your logo design stand out and send the message about your business idea in a compact manner. After all, pictures are much better remembered than words!


A tagline has a major function in catching the attention of consumers. Your slogan or tagline should send across the message your business depicts.
This feature of websites should not be generic. Instead, it should be meaningful and memorable.


When you want customers to stay attached to your website, call to action buttons are extremely important.
This enables visitors to reach out to you easily. It also makes sure that they preserve time and gain information on the spot.
CTAs can be of any type. “Call now”, “Click here to know more” and other such phrases.


When they say communication is key, it’s true. Having phone numbers on the site is an absolute necessity.
This enables quick access to customers if they have queries regarding your business. Respecting customers and being there to answer and solve problems creates a good rapport.


This feature for the website helps customers to navigate your site efficiently. It helps in organized searches and also, reduces the hassle for consumers.
It directs your customers in the manner you want them to view your site.


Breadcrumb navigation is a feature of websites that enables users to know which part of the site they are in. if a user is confused and cannot go back and forth with ease, they will most likely become frustrated.

Breadcrumb navigation ensures clarity and direction for your users.

Must-Have Features Of A Website For A nomad entrepreneur


We’ve established the importance of a logo and a tagline in the making of a website. Now, in order to convey the message your business executes, in an elaborate manner, sliders are used.

With the help of a slider, you can expand on the logo or tagline and learn more about what the business conveys.

Also, having a unique selling proposition (USP) is extremely helpful. It tells customers why they should opt for your business, what services you will deliver and why, of all places, this is where they should be.


Word of mouth is the best feature of websites or businesses. Having testimonials from previous customers helps a lot in getting further new customers.

Fake reviews or negative reviews can be disastrous for a website. Therefore even big names like Amazon and Yelp take customer reviews seriously.


Even though this feature of the website has come in late, the quality of content is of utmost importance.
Any consumer who takes out time to visit your site wants to view quality content. Ensuring that your content is up to date, relevant and comprehensible can lead to more customer visits.

These were some of the key features of websites for budding businesses. In order to have maximum traffic and efficient working, the presence of most of these is essential. You can also add other features to enhance working and viewers.

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Other important features of websites include:

  1. Internal links
  2. Contact details
  3. Listing the main features/services
  4. Definitive business hours
  5. Navigation
  6. Social media buttons
  7. Newsletter sign up button
  8. Online chat
  9. Captcha and anti-spam property
  10. F pattern page content
  11. A FAQ and Privacy policy pages
  12. Blog pages
  13. Search function
  14. Share and comment feature
  15. Font style- one that is readable and not stressful to the eyes
  16. Hamburger style menu
  17. Easily updateable page titles and URL structure
  18. Quick hosting and proper security
  19. Auto backup feature
  20. Google tools like Analytics and webmaster integrations
  21. Avoiding broken links and background music

Now that you have enough knowledge about the features of websites, we hope you can start on an efficient and smoothly working website. All the best!


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