Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website To Skyrocket Your Business In 2022

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website To Skyrocket Your Business In 2022

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website

Google is the market leader that dominates the search traffic globally. It plays a big role in ensuring to provide bias-free search results for its users. Google search indexes all the webpages on the internet and presents it to the user as the search result. In order to do that well, Google has developed several FREE tools for website owners in the last few years. One can take the maximum benefits from these amazing Google tools for the website and rank well in the search results.

So, here we have the ultimate list of FREE Google tools to rank well in search and drive organic traffic to your website.


Having a tool for easy data organization and handling website traffic is of utmost importance.

Launched by Google in November 2005, Google Analytics is one of the most elaborate and comprehensive Google tools for website traffic tracking and data management.

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website - Google Analytics

The main features of this tool are tracking traffic, identifying conversion points, figuring keyword and third party referrals and creating custom dashboards. Apart from these features, the Source/Medium feature to the websites is the most noticeable and beneficial.

This works on both Ios and android. It can also be integrated with Google Ads to provide you a comprehensive report on how your website is performing.


Since Google Analytics is perceived as complex by many beginners, Google Data Studio simplifies the same info.

The information set by Google Analytics is converted into simple graphs and charts. Apart from being able to connect several data reports, Google Data Studio also ensures simple sharing and customizing.

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website - Google Data Studio

This is one of the most simplified Google tools for website is quick, easy and can be on your fingertips soon! Also, a special addition is the Google Data Studio Gallery to find custom samples for your website!


Known as Google Webmasters Tool until 2015, Google Search Console is a website tool for optimizing the visibility of websites and checking indexing status.

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website - Google Search Console

A must for Search Engine Optimization, Google Search Console tracks the site’s search performance. This ability of tracking progress is the most superior feature of this Google tool for websites.


A part of Google maps search, Google My Business is the perfect site for basic organizations. This Google tool for websites is everything one needs to bring their business up via Search Engine Optimization.

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website - Google My Business

Keeping your business details like contacts and locations updated will be the most helpful in ensuring efficiency.

Google My Business also allows you to gain traffic on your business site. It consists of a feature called ‘Posts’. This feature enables a connection to your URL link when your published content is mentioned.


The importance of keyword searches are prominent. Google Keyword Planner enables a website, app or blog to have relevant keywords in their content so that it ranks better in the search results.

Google keyword planner allows the user to choose the keyword with relevant recommendations along with search volume, location, competition, etc.

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website - Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is generally used to detect and forecast traffic. This is one of the extensive keyword research Google tools for website and is highly useful for your website SEO.

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 A tool for tagging and managing platforms for marketers and their data, Google Tag Manager is an intervention-free tool. It permits marketers to make format changes, track conversions, website analytics and retarget web traffic.

In order to avoid disorganized interjections, Google Tag Manager consolidates and manages all your tracking codes and scripts. Here is a quick video from that can help you understand the details.

Another feature of Google Tag is that it works in collaboration with Google Analytics. One is used to deploy codes on selected web pages and the other tracks data on those codes.


Speed and mobile optimization are of the utmost importance when it comes to search engines. Slow speed can lead to hindered traffic and poor reviews.

In order to keep this check, Test My Site from Think with Google is a great tool. This is one of the best Google tools for website, that identifies issues with your website and makes recommendations for the speed.

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website - Test My Site - Think with Google

According to Google, search speed is 3 seconds. Therefore, Test My Site will provide you with solutions to improve your page speed.

The tool has a tab to enter your site mail. Once you’ve entered your mail id, Test My Site will give you a detailed analysis of your website. It also shows the Google ranking of your website.


 A modified and more efficient version of Test My Site, Google Page Speed is the way to go. It was launched in a Developer Conference in 2010.

It increases website speed and working abilities. This Google tool for websites provides inputs on site optimization and indexing. PageSpeed Tool has four components: PageSpeed Insights, PageSpeed Service, PageSpeed Chrome and DevTools. This tool basically helps the user to analyze and optimize the website for the optimal performance.

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website - Google Pagespeed Insights

Some optimizations from PageSpeed are to minify Javascript, HTML and image resizing. Others are regarding enabling compression and leveraging browser caching and most importantly, reduce server response time.


Any search comes with the sole purpose of having trending and up to date knowledge. Creating blogs becomes much easier when you know what the talk of the media is.

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website -Google trends

Google Trends helps you understand the traffic on various trending topics, the time they peak and places they are viral. With this, you can judge when to launch blogs according to the popularity.


To have constant updates about a certain topic, Google Alert is the perfect tool. Once you mention a keyword and the frequency of being notified, Google Alerts will deliver info on your screen.

Top 10 FREE Google Tools For Website - Google Alerts

Be sure to be specific with your keywords. The more precise and specific the keywords, the more relevant the alerts. Add filters like regions, languages, and styles in order to enhance alerts.

With this, we come to the end of this blog. Select your tool from this wide range of options and enhance your surfing experience. What are you waiting for?


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