Top 4 Remote Working Benefits For Your Business and Your Employee

Top 4 Remote Working Benefits For Your Business and Your Employee

The concept of Remote working has steadily entered into almost every business landscape. An office outside the office. Quite a paradox.
Employees are no more confined to the mundane 9 to 5 schedule.

Nobody, in the history of the office, would’ve thought this would be possible! After all, it’s hard to imagine performing your work sitting at the corner of your favorite café or on your couch. But hey, Welcome to 2019, where traditional workplace norms are evolving every day. As per Remote.Co, 79% of knowledge workers in a global survey by PGI said they work from home, and 60% of remote workers in the survey said that if they could, they would leave their current job for a full-time remote job at the same pay rate. Might sound a bit bizarre but that’s how the current workplace scenario around the globe is.

If you are an employer and still scratching your head whether or not to provide your employees with this benefit, we’re here with 4 reasons which are worth considering and will probably make believe that remote work facility isn’t that bad!

1. No compromise in productivity of employees:

The biggest misconception about remote working is that employees put on lesser efforts than usual. It is widely believed that employees are productive only at their assigned sedentary desk job. However, there are researches that claim that employees can get double the work done at the comfort of their house. Since they do not have to jostle against the crowd in public transports and commute to the office, they actually end up saving themselves from fatigue owing to daily traveling and thus, saving a lot of energy that they can put into their work.

Also, Remote working might seem to be like living the life of Riley, utter comfort. But in reality, employees have to get their household chores done, refrain themselves from all sort of distractions and of course, get the office work done too (not a cake walk really). It allows the employees to be flexible with their schedule and get their work done as per their convenience without sacrificing productivity.

2. You’ll be actually saving money:

As an employer, you have to bear the brunt of overheads. The cost of running a modern day office includes rent, air conditioning facility, furniture, computer, water, maintenance costs, day-to-day running costs, and the list seems to be never-ending!

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Recruiting remote workers can hence, curb quite a lot of your burden indeed. In fact, a budding business which wishes to thrive can definitely consider hiring remote workers.

3. Less anxious employees:

Let’s admit it. Workload pressure is for real. The liberty to work from home leads to happier employees. According to Bizjournals, “more than eight out of 10 American companies offer their employees the option to work remotely, a perk that results in less turnover and happier staffers.” Employees are often found complaining about how they lose their personal life in the quest of maintaining a sound work life. With the advent of remote work facility, this problem has been addressed easily. Working from home allows employees not only to get their work done efficiently but at the same time have an unhindered personal life and family life.

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Not to forget, the remote work facility keeps the employee turnover rate of your company in check. This way you are actually cutting recruitment costs for hiring replacements.

4. Remote Working is Globally trending:

Today, remote working is a hot trend. There’s no point of dodging this amazingly feasible method of work. The fact about remote work is that it looks after the convenience of the workforce, that is, the employees of the organization by providing them with an opportunity to work from anywhere they want to. One of the core reasons why a remote working facility is a great option is that it taps into talents from remote areas of the world.

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Imagine finding an employee from a remote town who is capable, suitable, skilled and deserving to work in your organization. But it is only possible to reach him via remote work opportunity. Hence, remote work facility actually connects your business with the entire world and helps to tap into enormously talented people around the globe. It widens the horizon of opportunities not only the employer but also the employee as well.


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