Make Money by Managing Facebook Ads for Businesses

Make Money by Managing Facebook Ads for Businesses

Make Money by Managing Facebook Ads for Local Businesses - Nomad Entrepreneur

Facebook ads permit local businesses to publicize to customers and neighbors in such a unique way to encourage them to become customers. Since all small businesses do not take advantage of Facebook ads, this can make a great side hustle for someone who is wanting to take their local businesses online.

Why managing Facebook ads is a good option to earn some extra bucks in your leisure time.

Most of the jobs that are out there in the market require specialization to hold that position. One of the main advantages of managing Facebook ads is that it does not require any specific degree or qualification to become successful. on top of that, it is not time-consuming and this can easily be done after coming home from a 9 to 5 job. And since Facebook ads are still comparatively a new form of advertisement, getting paid from those is a pretty easy task.

Even without any specific field of expertise, there are plenty of businesses which has the budget to pay you $1,000 to $2,000 per month to manage Facebook ads for them. The only thing you need to do is find your preferred area and target them.

What exactly is Facebook ad management?

This is a simple term that is used for creating and managing Facebook ads. You can view, make changes, and see results for all your Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

A Facebook Ad Manager listens to its clients’ objectives for a particular campaign. Then they build up the strategy and the campaign, create audiences, create copies and graphics, and research that specific market. They try to make sure that the objectives and goals of their clients are met with the lowest possible cost per conversion.

Ways to begin Managing Facebook Ads for Local Businesses

Each month an average of 543,000 new businesses are started. In the US alone, there are 30.2 million small businesses. Currently, small businesses employ more than 47.5% of the private workforce in the US and it accounts for about 1.9 million new jobs in 2017. Identified as an economic engine, small businesses continue to remain an integral part of the state’s economic landscape.

This indicates that there is a lot of scope for someone who is looking forward to making a size hustle by helping in the growth of a start-up.

But before you directly jump into ad management, you should have an idea about what goes into creating that side hustle of Facebook add management. Before you will be able to get the right clients from your target market, there are a lot of things you should learn and keep in mind.

1. Gain an understanding of organizing a Facebook ad campaign.

The first and foremost thing that you should do at first is master the use of the Facebook ads manager and the different features assigned to it. Ads Manager is your starting point for running ads on Facebook. It’s an amalgamation of tools for the creation and execution of a Facebook ad strategy that attracts new customers by creating ads, managing when and where they’ll run, and tracking how well your campaigns are performing.

There is a specialized course for just this, called the Facebook side hustle. This course teaches you all the things you need to know about how to run successful Facebook ads in different niches. It’s a completely comprehensive course that prepares you to find clients who need Facebook ads.

2. Set the objective

If you set a proper objective according to your choice then both the client and you will be benefited out from it. It will give a bigger return at a lower cost.

The objective is the kind of ad you’re preparing. It’s very important to pick the right one because the ad is curated based on your choice. An ad whose objective is “Engagement” will be shown to people who have a history of liking and commenting on posts, while a “Traffic” ad is shown to people more likely to click links.

3. Targeting the right audience

Targeting the right people with the exact right kind of message is the key to a successful ad campaign. Proper targeting will not only make your ads more successful but also will reduce your overall cost of running them. This improves your ROI and boosts your bottom line. Trying to target your ideal customer just based on just demographics like age and gender isn’t going to cut it. That’s why you need to be very specific with your targeting. The best way to narrow down your audience to target the right ones is by defining the interests of your ideal customer. Every time you make some changes, Facebook will show you your potential reach to help you determine whether your audience is too broad, too narrow, or just right for your objective.

4. Proper placements of the ads on the app

Facebook ads can now appear on Facebook itself and also on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and the Audience Network. Facebook is no longer a one-option platform. Advertisers and managers must now keep a close eye on how their ads render on all platforms. But not all ads work well on all platforms.

Knowing what works the best on each platform and customizing images and messages exclusively can be important to get the ROI your client is searching for.

5. Fixing the budget

Facebook is the best bargain. if you’re going to invest in paid ads on any of the social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram are the best bargains to start with.

There are different kinds of plans that are available on Facebook, based on the period. You should choose the one which would be the best and work according to the client’s campaign.

6. Learn how to design an addition that will strike an impression

We come across so many different Facebook ads every day while scrolling through our newsfeeds. If asked about how many you remember them, you can only name a very few. You only remember those ads which made a lasting impression on your mind. There’s so much to take into consideration and it’s no surprise that even big brands and marketers alike feel stumped when it’s time to head to the drawing board. Free web-based designing sites like Canva or Buffer can help you make high-quality ads with very little investment and with the right tools and strategies at hand, though, this process gets a lot easier and a lot more efficient.

7. Search and find for local businesses

One of the main ways to get started is by getting in touch with a local business. There are many ways by which you can go around. The first is through networking from sites such as LinkedIn. One of the most effective ways of finding a local business is by person socializing. take the advantage of your communication skills and form a bond with that recently opened coffee shop. You can also take the help of your friends and relatives for finding that perfect local business that you want to partner with.

8. Keep track of Return on Investment (ROI)

Although this might be something which you do in your leisure time, maybe someone’s income entirely depends on this. so, don’t “set and forget” your client’s ads. When managers work hard, you’re not just ensuring you have extra income, you’re helping another small business succeed. This could lead to a repeat customer or encourage the owners to refer your services to others, which will increase your popularity in the Facebook ad management industry and help you to expand your reach further.

9. Keep increasing your rates as time increases

We all have the least salaries when we enter a sector as a newbie. As time goes by, as work experience builds up, our salaries increase too. The same should happen in this field too. You may have to take a few clients at lower rates when you’re starting to build your portfolio and experience, but don’t keep those rates or clients for the long term. With the increase in experiences, raise your rates and client work every month until you get to a rate and workload, you’re comfortable with.

After getting experience in this sector, there might come a time when you will have more clients than time. You can either choose the best of the options you got that suit your time frame, or you can hire an assistant to further increase your business. Many people who are running Facebook ad agencies and making a full-time income from them started out managing Facebook ads as a side hustle. 

10. It is not the right time to quit your job

One of the main mistakes that people do is to quit their well-established jobs to work as full-time freelancers. The opportunity of being your boss sounds quite thrilling, but Don’t do that just yet. You can make money managing Facebook ads for local businesses without sacrificing your day job or much of your free time. And it can be completely free to get started. Check out marketing blogs and Facebook’s Advertising Help Centre for advice and walk-throughs of all the Facebook ad basics. And become an all-timer in this field only when you have established your dominance in the market and kept holding it for a long time.


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