How To Make Money On YouTube – Complete Guide

How To Make Money On YouTube – Complete Guide

How to make money on YouTube - The Complete Guide

You must have witnessed that the inexorable feat of YouTube stars has escalated over the years. Many people nowadays, go ahead and start their YouTube channel but only a few of them actually make it and reach the peak. Also, you must have heard that these YouTube stars get a good deal of money, every month on the basis of the popularity of their channel. However, it’s not a lie. They definitely get paid well but behind it is sheer dedication and hard work as well as creativity. You must be full of alacrity to make your YouTube channel attractive to others. Some people take even a common idea and present it in a unique and vivid way which in turn boosts their popularity. It might seem easy but at incipient, it’s quite a mess. For those who want to carve out their career out of YouTube and feel that they are congenitally dexterous, take notes!

How to make money on YouTube - The Complete Guide

Here is a scrupulously drafted article that will enlighten you about the needs, risks, benefits of starting a career on YouTube. As well as it will guide you towards ‘How To Make Money On YouTube –

Topics That Make More Money

In order to learn ‘how to make money on YouTube, you must first take into consideration the topics which are in trend on YouTube. It’s not at all wrong to go with your muse and niche but choosing a topic that is not so popular for your videos might turn out to be a disaster for your channel. Moreover, if you want to reach the acme of YouTube and be a YouTube star, you must study the trending patterns. The kind of videos which generally get more views are based on the themes listed below-

1. Product Reviews

Here you can take a product which you actually like and make money by just describing it. But it’s not that simple, you need to have total knowledge and information about that product as well as you should be able to describe it succinctly. A product review consists of various kinds of brands and their latest launched products. For instance, makeup products, new mobile devices, cars and bikes, and so on. If you’re good at it you can even get official sponsorship from the brand or company.

2. Tutorials

It’s a saying, if you’re good at something then never do it for free. So you can use your knowledge and skills and impart it to others. There are many people who do makeup tutorials, hairstyle tutorials, study tutorials, or even DIY projects. You can appraise your knowledge and skills and make it reach even in the remote sections. This is the best possible way to learn ‘how to make money on YouTube as you need not think out of the box and do what you already know.

3. Vlogging

One of the most popular sources of earning money on YouTube as well as followed and persuaded by many is Vlogging. If you’re a scintillating individual and love talking endlessly but cogently then Vlogging is a perfect choice for you. You can talk about various topics, share stories and experiences as well as you can share your travel diaries with people while vlogging. Vlogging has multiple facets and you can carry it well if you’re versatile enough.

How to start a YouTube Channel and How to make money on YouTube

You can’t suddenly decide one day that you want to start a YouTube channel and on a whim launch it. It will do nothing but only exacerbate things. If you want to mushroom your YouTube channel then you need to have a meticulously drafted plan for it.

Step 1 – Create your YouTube channel

Creating your channel won’t be an arduous task for you. All you need to do is open YouTube and click on ‘Create Channel’ under your profile picture. It will guide you step by step on how to create it. You need to think of some crispy, catchy, and quirky name for your channel. Once you’re done with fixing your name, feed it into the details section, set your profile picture, and enter your email id. If you want to have a separate email id for your YouTube Channel then you can create one. Also, make sure that your channel name is not already in use.

Step 2 – Decide on a strategy

What you need to decide and plan beforehand is how frequently you can upload videos. Some people upload one video per week, while some upload one video per month. As well as there are certain enthusiasts individuals who upload two to three videos per week. Keep in mind creating content, elucidating it, preparing and editing it requires time. So decide, whether you have that much of time and skills to do it within that period of time. After that, decide the time period or frequency or the day of the week on which you want to upload your video. Many YouTubers have specific timing and days which their followers know of. Thus, such planning keeps the views on the edge because they know the video is about to come and are eager to watch it. Decide what kind of thumbnails and theme will you use. Once you’re done with your schedule, develop a stupor attitude, and follow it stringently.

Step 3 – Develop a method for creating and uploading videos

It is important to have a simplified and fixed procedure to make and upload your videos to abstain from goof ups. Many successful YouTubers shoot video in a bulk and upload it in various parts over a course of time. While some of them shoot mini videos and upload it daily or on alternate days. You need to form an outline of how are you going to shoot or create the video. From the first scene till the last, everything must be pre-planned. Also, you need to know basic editing skills to make your video look attractive and effective. The popular tool TubeBuddy offers this feature and other helpful resources such as keyword research. As your channel gains prodigious popularity, you can hire content writers, social media managers, editors or virtual assistants to help you out to boost your career graph.

Step 4 – Adapt and revise

It’s good to stop often and look at where you have reached. You can critically evaluate your channel and see whether it is actually growing or not. Notice the likes and dislikes. Go through the comment sections, there you will notice multiple suggestions by viewers. If you’re being criticized then improve upon your content. If you’ve ambivalent feelings upon it then consult an inveterate YouTuber if you can. Ask doubt on public domains. Go through the YouTube Channels of other YouTubers and observe but don’t copy anything from their channel, just take certain inspirational picks out of it. Just remember, you will need to do certain changes in the future as well to ameliorate your content and your channel as well.

How to make money on YouTube

There are many ways through which you can accelerate your income once you have an established channel and following.


One of the most popular ways by which YouTubers earn money is through ads. But for this one needs to pass certain milestones which are

  • Have at least 4,000 hours of watch time on your videos in the last 12 months
  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers
  • Once you fulfill these basic requirements you can fund your videos through these ads.

2. Brand partnerships and sponsorships

Ads are a great way to earn passive income but brand partnership and sponsorship bring you a great deal. You can reach out to brands or companies similar to your content or which could be useful in promoting your content. If you’re well established then you’ll land on an amazing deal. Be careful while coming in partnership with various brands as you have to fulfill all of their demands because they sponsor your video.

3. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you still feature another company’s product in your videos. But here you offer a special code in your video description through which people would avail benefits. Pick a product that you know and have used. As well as the one which will suit you and your channel. By doing this the sales of the product will boost and you will avail the commission. If you want to learn how to make money on YouTube, affiliate marketing is the answer.

4. Sell your own products and services

Many YouTubers after having a huge fan following launch their own merchandise or apparel line. You can easily sell online goodies and merchandise related to you and your channel. Also if you’re uploading study material online then you can launch your own website or paid ebooks.

5. Ask For Fan Support

If you’re working for a cause then you can ask your fans to contribute by providing them with a website or other link where they could contribute. Also, YouTube has the option of joining the membership of a specific YouTube Channel. You can see it once you subscribe to someone. This special membership price includes certain benefits. Like live videos, apprising viewers with inner scoops, and special behind the scenes. The viewers can access all these only after paying that amount. You can keep such offers with a specific fee which will lewd people to get it.

These are the ways in which one can make money on YouTube. It’s not that hard and tedious, only you need to understand the concept- “How To Make Money On YouTube”.

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How To Make Money On YouTube - Complete Guide - Nomad Entrepreneur

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