How to Make Money By Blogging [Hacks to Make Millions]

How to Make Money By Blogging [Hacks to Make Millions]

Do you want to work from anywhere at any time, travel around the world, spend your time with family after 5 Years and most importantly you want to be a successful content entrepreneur and mint millions through blogging? If your answer is Yes, then this post is just for you.

Follow these 5 points daily and you will definitely be minting millions in 5 years.

Disclaimer- Like any other business content entrepreneurship also demands 200% focus and dedication and most importantly patience. If you are ready for these three, then go ahead. Read the full content and implement it. Before you start with point 1, check out this complete guide on How to start a blog on WordPress with simple steps.

1. Create High-Quality Content

You know, the biggest content platform Huffington Post publishes almost 3500 posts per day. But, does that matter to you?

Being a single entrepreneur, just go with one high quality, fresh and informative content in a day. Make sure you don’t skip it and make it a habit.

In 5 Years of time, your website will have a whooping 5*365 = 1825 posts in your targeted segment bringing you major traffic from the search engines.

Having Fresh content will grab Google’s attention quickly. If the content indexing algorithm of Google, QDF (Query deserves freshness) finds your content exclusive and unique, it will get your post ranked better and faster in the niche.

High-quality and informative content will ensure the reader sticks until the end and gets engaged with other content as well.

You might think that one or ten high-quality posts will do the drill to push up your website rankings. But the success to blogging is in generating content, of not just high quality but high usage. Your approach to content creation should be continuous, ensuring that you have everything recent and relevant on a topic. Viewers want fresh content which is up-to-date as that will give them the most accurate information.

 2. Promote Your Content

Any Content needs promotion on social media to grab that initial traction faster. Join niche groups or discussion feeds like Reddit, Facebook groups, Linkedin groups and Google+ groups etc. Distribute your content across relevant social groups to build the traction. Again that depends on where your audience is. You can find thousands of groups easily on these social platforms.Say, you have a website with start-up news and tips. You can join professional start-up boards and groups on Facebook, Google plus, Linkedin groups.

promote your content_make money by blogging_nomad entrepreneur

For the long run, you may not only rely on different groups. You need to convert your visitors into subscribers. There are some of the amazing free social tools out there you can integrate into your website to retain and engage your audience more efficiently.Promoting your content is like shouting out your slogan at a political rally. If people like what they hear, they will pay heed. Similarly, in order to grab the attention of your potential subscribers who will find your article among thirty others in their news feed, you need to make eyes roll.

The title of the content is what compels the majority of readers to click on the website link. But also remember not to go above and beyond. If you do foul play, you might just have to leave the game. Many a time, bloggers give a false title to allure readers. But in the long run, that will only create a bad name for you. And in the blogging business, goodwill leads. If a reader finds your content true, informative and of high quality, they will most definitely be willing to read another one.

Here you can not miss out the organic traffic that gets build up after the initial traction. Your post gets showed up in Google search results for relevant ranking keywords.  It’s very important for a content maker to ensure the content has the right keywords what people are looking for. This helps Google to quickly understand what your topic is all about. There are some amazing keyword research tools out there to assist you in your blogging journey. Read it here.

3. Analyze, Understand and Monetize

Understanding your visitors is important as well. It will not only provide you necessary patterns like geographies, Age, Source (from where they landed on your website), Device (Mobile, desktop or tablet) but also you will get to know what marketing strategy is working for you and what not. You can start refining and understanding your audience from the first day itself. Invest less and gain more with the help of analytics. I would highly suggest starting using Google Analytics from day one. It’s free, easy to use and brings you an enormous amount of information and analytics.

For instance, your website gets more than 80% traffic from mobile devices. Then you need to focus and invest more in your mobile audience experience and how you can engage your visitors efficiently.If your audience is more engaged in smartphones, it is essential to make your website mobile friendly. Paying attention to small details like loading time, website view compatibility and ease of access will help you make your page more audience savvy. Never think that you are too small to attract customers for the advertisements.

Put up a “Advertise with us” page from the very first day keeping you open for all revenue channels. Keep updating stats on the page from time to time depending on how you want to present your platform to potential advertisers. Remember, content is something that rules all the market. For instance, even one bad review for a brand can go viral and make more damage than anything else. Brands are now moving online and making sure they have a good reputation, referral, and recommendation on the online platforms through content.

That’s a big opportunity to mint money for a content maker like you through ad space, contextual advertising, direct ads, reviews, and sponsored content advertising, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and more. There are also a number of sponsored ad-networks like The Social Hook offering a platform to get relevant sponsored content advertisers for your platform.

4. Learn New Techniques and Try

The rule applies here as well. The market is evolving day by day with the rise if digital penetration to rural and semi-urban areas. The search engine keeps changing rules on how they show the results. 10 years back SEO tricks may not be applicable today. Language plays a key role in how your Non-English visitor will understand and engage with your content.So the best part is to learn and evolve with the change.

There are a million of resources available online on tricks or methods. You can also follow the platforms/ gurus like ShoutMeLoud, Neil Patel, HubSpot to learn every day something new and try implementing small updates to your content/presentation style/ website as per your audience interest.

All customers are not alike. Similarly, your real customers may not necessarily be your target customers. So before you make a change, set a goal that you aim to achieve with that change. Then only can you measure the rate of success or failure? If the change backfires, drop it but learn from it. See what went wrong and where. They begin again. In the dynamics of social media, evolving with change is something every big and small company has to inculcate.

Remember Learning is directly proportional to Earning. So spend time in learning and implementing changes and your niche demands.

5. Be Your Own Competitor

This is the last rule I follow and I would suggest you do the same. As a newbie in the content field, you may not keep an eye on competing with Huffington Post or Buzzfeed. Become your own competitor. When I say that, I mean go ahead and make sure you Break all your own records of Previous Day. If you grow, then only will your business grow, after all, it is your brainchild.

Say you got 100 unique visitors yesterday to your website. Set a target for 101+ visitors for the next day. Not only for the visitor count, but you can also target on metrics like page views, view time, conversions, retentions in fact on everything that you are able to track on a daily basis. Take Feedback, Learn and Keep evolving yourself. Break your own record every day and you will be surprised to see the magical impact you can create all by yourself. If you are starting up and need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach me on my social profiles. I would be glad to help you in any way I can.


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