How to Make Money as College Student -Top 30 Ways

How to Make Money as College Student -Top 30 Ways

how to make money as college student

Time is money. Let’s make the most of it. Why waste time when you can put it into some good use and earn a few bucks? Do you often find yourself sitting idle and wish you could earn some moolah utilizing those spare hours? Also, if you are someone who wants to take up something as a side hustle here are 30 easy ways in which you can make money really quick in your surplus time:

1. Online surveys: Internet has changed our lives in ways no one ever thought. It has opened up a different dimension. One can easily make money out of online surveys in their spare time. There are plenty of Companies looking for recruits to answer surveys. In India, The Panel Station Surveys, StreetBees are great to get started.

how to make money as college student

2. Searching the Web: Sounds insane but did you know that you can get paid for just simply searching the web? However, it requires a lot more research than usually what you do. It involves digging deep and extracting information. Click here to know more.

3. Network Marketing: MLM A.k.a. Network marketing is quite prevalent in India. You earn through the commission selling of products under this method. Amway, Herbalife and Modicare rank among the top recruiters in MLM in India.

4. YouTube: Becoming a YouTuber (a successful one, to be precise) takes considerable time. It requires one to pour a lot of hard work.

However, it’s totally worth it. Identify your niche. Are you someone who is into makeup? Are you passionate about technology? Then definitely consider starting a YouTube channel.

5. Earning from your junks: Bet there’s a portion of your cupboard that’s dedicated to your old clothes and stuffs that you do not use any longer. Why let them occupy space when you can actually earn by selling them at Ebay?

6. Freelancing: Offer your skills to clients around the world with freelancing. If you are someone who is good with data entry, content writing or graphic designing this might be the ultimate option to earn extra cash for you.

7.Charity Collector: If you are good at persuading people, this is the one for you. Use your power of persuasion and get paid at a commission basis.

8. Babysitting: Do you love babies and won’t mind spending your spare time taking care of them? Then go ahead, because you can actually get paid for doing that.

9. Pet Care: Have an affinity towards pets? There are jobs waiting for you. You can find some at Quikr and Naukri definitely.

10. Photography: For someone who is great at capturing moments, this might be an amazing option. You can sell your shots at Adobe Stock, for instance.

11. Tutoring: One of the best and easiest way to earn some cash. Tutoring. Utilize your teaching skills and help students who are in need.

12. Mystery shopper: There are agencies that pay you to fetch information about the performance of certain stores. Now, isn’t this fun?

13. Competition: Participate in various competitions and earn. There are apps and websites which conduct the daily competition and you can easily earn some by simply winning some quiz.

14. Selling your Second-hand books: Books are priceless. Everybody needs them. You can sell your High School books or semester books to someone in need and earn. Isn’t that easy?

15. Selling notes: There are students who’d kill to get notes before the exam because let’s admit it, only a few students take notes regularly.
If you happen to be that student who avidly takes notes every single day then sell them to other students and generate some cash.

16. Review music: To all the melomaniacs out there. Monetize your interest by reviewing the music of artists online.

17. Fiverr: Imagine getting paid for playing pranks. Impossible? Nay, Fiverr makes it possible. Who knew you could get paid for even the silliest task!

18. Internships: Internships are essential for any student in College.
It will not only help you earn some bucks but also, learn about work experience.

19. Cashbacks: Cashback doesn’t really help you earn but definitely help you to save. There are shopping websites which provide pretty great cash back. Hence, online shopping can actually help you save some.

20. Selling electronic goods: How about selling off your old mobile phone that you do not use anymore because the camera sucks? You can actually receive some value on selling it, though.

21. Affiliate marketing: If you have a strong social media presence, Companies might approach you to promote their products and services among your audience/followers. Each time one of your followers makes a purchase you get paid for it.

22. Publish Ebooks: Do you have a thing for writing? Then do not wait, kindle is at your rescue. Publish your writing via Amazon Kindle Store and earn some extra cash.

23. Apps: Money making apps like Loco and Tez are great when it comes to earning petty cash. All you need is to install the apps and you’re good to go.

24. Consultancy: Do you have expertise in a certain domain? Make the use of it by answering your clients’ queries.

25. Social Media Influencer: This one is trending these days. Promote brands and endorse their products on your Social media handle and easily earn quick.

26. Blogging: You need to create your very own blog and keep on posting alluring content. This will gradually attract readers and soon you’ll start earning. However, it requires continuous efforts. Not sure where to start. Read this to learn everything you need to start a successful blogging career.

27. Monetize your craft: Sell your crafts online such as customized jewelry or origami creations or any craft. You’ll be surprised to see the number of sellers your craft will fetch you!

28. Sell paintings: If you’re a good artist then register yourself in Online websites dedicated to selling and buying of paintings. Sell your artwork and earn a good amount.

29. Donate your hair: Bizzare idea but yes, you can get paid for selling your hair to salons and wig shops.

30. Work from Home: There are plenty of types of jobs that can be done from your homes, such as writing, proofreading and a lot more.

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