Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs [2022 Update]

Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs [2022 Update]


Each new year we vow to stick to our resolutions, adhere to our schedules and plans for each day, promise our self to give our 100% to whatever we do. It’s quite a test of our patience, isn’t?
But by the time it’s February, most of us lose our track. How often do we actually stick to our plans and goals until the end? Ensuring productivity from our end is somewhat challenging.

Our phone is our constant companion. Bet you can’t think a day without this gadget. Although, we often blame it for draining our productivity level without even realizing that this device can actually help us attain our optimum level of productivity.

Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

So, wondering how to turn your phone into a guardian angel from a productivity sucking vampire? Downloading productivity apps is the answer. A productivity app is like a vigilant buddy who keeps on checking on you, making sure that you put your best in your daily chores and important tasks.
There are actually plenty of productivity apps that you can definitely try out to achieve your goals and hit your targets.

We have curated the best productivity apps for you that can aid you to make 2019 the most productive year of your life. Keep on scrolling:

1. ToDoist:

The app speaks for itself. For someone who isn’t really good at remembering important stuff to do, this app is quite the savior. It allows you to create a task list and helps you track them. This productivity app, no brainer, is one of the best productivity apps that one can ask for. You can prioritize tasks and accomplish them with ease using this App.

2. Hootsuite:

Any business can’t do without social media. The amount of exposure and the insane pool of potential customers that it provides is unfathomable. Hootsuite is a must-have app for every budding business. It schedules posts in all your social media accounts. It saves a dominant portion of your precious time as you don’t have to log in multiple times to update the same post in all your social media handles. It also allows you to schedule your posts for weeks, months as per your convenience. There’s a 30-day free trial option too!

3. Toggl:

This simple time tracking app allows you to track your personal time as well as professional time. It lets you analyze where your work hours go by providing you report; it has a calendar option as that you can pin the important events. The manual mode gives you more control over how you’d like to utilize your time, and the best part is the ‘sync’ option. Sync allows you to work in whichever device you wish to. It has friendly reminders too, isn’t that cool?

5. Cloze:

This app helps you keep up with your business and professional contacts. Cloze syncs all your contact details from social media and email and keeps the contact list up-to-date. It automatically syncs your phone calls and text messages to your Cloze account.

6. Trello:

This tool lets you organize literally anything. One of the best productivity apps, that has brilliant features. It is actually a project management app. You can make a board and add cards. Trello segregates big projects into small achievable parts- Baby steps to achieve your goals!

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7. Slack:

Slack Technologies Inc.’s Slack, makes team communication a cake walk! Working with a team can be messy sometimes but not with Slack. This genius app stores all the messages and files in one place. They “deep search” option saves you from trawling and helps you discover exactly what you need. Like Toggl, Slack too has the sync option that generates notification across all your devices. Guess what? You can also send GIFs, videos via this app!

Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

8. Evernote:

Looking for an app that’s best for general productivity? Evernote is what you’ve been looking for! This app will definitely make your life easier than ever. It serves multi purposes. It acts as an organizer, notebook, and a planner.
Apt for taking quick notes on the go and also the best part is that you can search for your handwriting. This is going to be the only tool that you’ll need.

Have an ultra-productive year ahead, good luck!


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