6 Easy Steps To Create a Professional Looking Blogger Website

6 Easy Steps To Create a Professional Looking Blogger Website

6 Easy Steps To Create a Professional Looking Blogger Website

Do you want to make your blogger site amazing and more professional? If yes, then you are on the right path. No matter who you are, a fresher or experienced you can start your career in blogging with a blogger.

Blogger is a one-to-one solution and a perfect alter to WordPress. Why? Blogger is one of the most used tools to publish blogs. People use this platform either for personal use or for business purposes. But do you know how to find right keywords for your content. Watch this video.

In Blogger, you can start writing and publishing your content right after registering it. The process to register is also quite simple and easy. There is an advantage to working with a blogger is it doesn’t ask you for any extra amount for hosting as blogging is under the ownership of Google since 2003. Additionally, your documents are also safe with Blogger as it is under the support system of Google. If you are planning to work with Blogger, then you should know how to customize a blogger according to your requirements as this platform provides you with design but is very simple, and you might not like it.

Besides this, Blogger also assists the one who is new to the platform by providing free blogger themes. This will enhance your experience and make your task easy and perfect with these free features.

Now before moving ahead to the main topic, we will be guiding you on how to customize a blogger site with some easy layout steps which you must follow.

Step1– On the blogger dashboard, select ‘Theme’ where you will find the customize button. Select it.

Step2– Choose the option ‘Advance’ and click ‘Add CSS’ after scrolling down.

Step 3– Enter code in the space given, select and click ‘Apply to Blog’

Furthermore, this page is going to be very informative and interesting for people who think of creating a professional website using Blogger. If you are also among them then we will highly recommend you to stick to this page till last.

Here on this page, we are dropping 6 easy steps to help you create a professional blogger site.

  1. Purchase your Domain name

At first, you need to register with Blogger, and then it will ask for a website address along with a default blogger subdomain.

For example- if you have chosen a website site address like Wonderdoctor, then it will show as Wonderdoctor.blogspot.com.

But the good part is that if you want, you can remove it too. All you need to do is buy that domain name. There are several domain registers such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger, etc from which you can purchase it. Just check the availability of your domain and continue. After buying the domain, add it to Blogger. You can follow these steps-

Go to ‘Setting’- then click move to ‘Publishing’. And you will get the option of the domain. After that, there is an option of ‘Custom Domain’. You have to click it and edit the domain and press the save button.

  1. Design your logo

The domain name is not enough for your website identity. Logo plays a vital role at this stage. It is also a perfect way to represent your brand or products among your audience. Through the logo, you can display your main motto or any particular vision to the viewers. Furthermore, the logo gives you a unique identification.

You must have noticed that there is a place in the left corner, at the top of your website name, which is called ‘Favicon’. Generally, a favicon is an icon that reflects an idea of your website. Moreover, the size of the favicon must be between 50 kb to 100 kb.

Now the question is how you can create your logo? Several tools can help you in designing logos such as zero logo maker, DesignEvo Free Logo Maker, Canva Logo Maker, etc.

1000s of sample logo ideas on Canva


Steps to add the favicon to your blogspot blog:

  • On the Blogger dashboard, go to the layout section.
  • You will find the Favicon tab at the very top. Click on it and press edit.
  • Lastly, in the new tab, you can upload your icon and save it.
  1. Customize your Blogger template

Now after setting up your logo and domain name, you should ask yourself how to customize a blogger site so that it looks more appealing to the audience. For this, you need creative ideas and some professional templates to make it interesting. Customize your website in such a way that visitors don’t forget it once visited and don’t find any difficulties in reaching your site.

As mentioned before, Blogger also provides some themes in default but these are very simple and plain. To make your website look professional, you have to use it accordingly.

Moreover, several people wanted to start their career as a blogger but due to a lack of information and guidance, they spent lots of money buying premium themes. But on this platform, you will get free blogger themes to add to your website and make it professional.

You can try using free blogger themes which are mostly used by freshers. Furthermore, to customize a blogger site you can use Blogger templates, colorlib, and weblyb, consisting of both options- free and premium for your blog.

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  1. Adding relevant pages to the Blogger website

While creating the website, make sure you divide the content into different pages. It helps the visitors to better understand. The viewers get an idea of your vision and idea at the very first visit. For example

‘About’ is a section where you can describe your work and introduce yourself to the public.

‘Home’ is the first page of your website. Here, you can welcome your viewers with a unique style such as a quote or text related to your niche, which can give your audience an idea of the further content.

To make your website more engaging, you can add an FAQ and take the audience’s questions and give an honest reply to maintain a bond. For more connectivity, you can even add contact details.

  1. Build different features

If you want to engage more audience to your website, then you have to add more features to your page. You may have noticed several features in the layout section which are relevant to your website.

On Blogger, you will find features such as subscription links, AdSense, PayPal, etc to add different places on your page.

For example- if your website is about selling some products, then you can add PayPal or any online payment option which can also make the audience easy to pay for and even trigger them to buy the products. Furthermore, you can also add links to your social accounts to your website that will help your website grow faster and engage more audience.

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  1. Add social sharing options

Social sharing assists the content creator to generate and build heavy traffic to your website. Furthermore, adding social sharing options also helps you in marketing your website across the world by spreading awareness of your website.

Sharing the link of your website across different platforms also helps in brand exposure.

If you are here then you must have gone through these 6 steps which are going to help you whenever you want to start blogging. We hope this page was informative and interesting to you.


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